City of Haviland 
    109 N. Main
    PO Box 264
    Haviland, KS 67059-0264
    Phone:  620-862-5317
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USD 474
Haviland Grade School (Pre-K through 8)
400 N. Topeka
Haviland, KS 67059
District Office Phone:  620-862-5256
Grade School Office Phone:  620-862-5277
Fax:  620-862-5260

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Governor's Achievement Award    
Haviland Grade School has received the Governor's Award for excellence in education for the past three years in a row, 2010-2011, 2011-2012 and 2012-2013.  The annual Governor's Achievement Award honors top performing schools in the state. Specifications for the program are as follows:
º  The school must have achieved the Standard of Excellence in both reading and mathematics.
º  The school must have made Adequate Yearly Progress in both reading and mathematics and one     additional measure in (examples are attendance and graduation rate).
º  The school must have been among schools in the top 5% in both reading and mathematics on the         state assessments at its respective level (elementary school, middle-junior high school, high school).
Our students and teachers are to be commended for receiving such an award.  This is truly a major accomplishment for our district.  Our students and teachers work diligently each day to give their personal best.  Recognition like this will give them incentive each time they are called upon to go the extra mile.

Governor's Kansas Reading Initiative (KRI)
Haviland Elementary School received an award for outstanding participation from the KRI.  Through the efforts of the principal, teachers, and school staff, 90% of the students met their year-end (2013-2014 school year) benchmarks.
The Governor's Reading Initiative is a two-year pilot program designed to improve reading outcomes in the state of Kansas using educational technology, specifically Core5.  This approach accelerates reading skills development, predicts students' year-end performance, and provides teachers with data-driven action plans to help differentiate instruction.

Outstanding Educator Award
Kim Stewart has been given the honor of the SW Kansas Music Educators Association Outstanding Middle level Educator of 2014.

The Junior High volleyball team took first place at the league tournament.
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USD 422
Kiowa County High  School

710 S. Main
Greensburg, KS 67054
High School Office Phone:  620-723-2164
Fax:  620-723-2019

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Kiowa County Maverick volleyball team won the league championship and advanced to state.  The girls cross country team placed 1st at the regional meet and advanced to state, where they placed 2nd.  Senior Frank Cuevas placed second at the regional cross country meet and advanced to state, where he placed 1st.

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21st Century Learning Academy
110 S. Main
Mullinville, KS 67109
Phone:  620-548-2289
Toll Free:  877-685-5468
Fax:  620-548-2389

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21st Century Learning Academy-Kiowa County, an accredited virtual school of USD 422 offers whatever educational needs you might have.
There is a program designed for ANY 6th-12th grade student, age 17 or younger.  They also offer courses for adults wishing to earn a High School Diploma, as well as courses for those who might only need Credit Recovery.  The program is for Kansas residents only, and it is fully accredited with the Kansas State Department of Education.
21st Century Learning Academy is the perfect blend of on-line learning and personal attention from licensed instructors.  As you work through your courses, your teacher will contact you periodically to check on your progress.
Teachers are scheduled at various sites throughout the state to meet personally with you.  In addition, you have the opportunity to learn and get assistance through live virtual sessions.
They will also visit with you through live video feeds so that each student has the opportunity to access more in-depth teaching when necessary.
21st Century learning Academy will make this the best on-line learning experience available.  Courses are available 12 months a year.

6th-12th Grade Program
This program is designed for students 17 and under.  Students complete curriculum with a blended model of mastery-based online and offline assignments aligned with the Kansas State Educational Standards. Students are assigned a certified teacher for each content area.  Working in partnership with parents, they can design an individual program with flexible scheduling options to fit your lifestyle. 

Adult High School Diploma Program
This program is designed for adults desiring a high school diploma.  The e-learning option can fit anyone's busy schedule, as the courses are accessed via the internet.

High School Credit Recovery
This program is designed for students that need to retake a high school course.  Students are assigned a certified teacher, and may complete courses online while attending another high school.  Fees are $100.00 per .5 credit course.  Approval of your home district counselor or principal is required.

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Barclay College
607 N. Kingman
Haviland, KS 67059
Phone:  620-862-5252
Toll Free: 800-862-0226
Fax:  620-862-5403

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Regional Accreditation
Barclay College received notification on November 17, 2014 that the Regional Accrediting Agency has given the college candidacy status from the Higher Learning Commission for regional accreditation.  Regional accreditation is recognition of the educational excellence that is a hallmark of the Barclay College experience. This provides Barclay with the same transfer of credit as Kansas University, Kansas State and all other accredited schools in the country.

KSDE Certification
The Kansas State Department of Education has recommended "Limited Accreditation" for Barclay's Teacher Education Department through December 31, 2017, with the next on campus visit scheduled for fall of 2017.  This is the highest level of accreditation an institution can receive at the initial level.  Barclay students will be able to begin taking classes in January 2015 that will provide state certification.


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