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Places of Interest

        Admission is free for this entertaining and educational adventure suited for the whole family.  Located about a quarter of a mile from the original Haviland Meteorite Crater, between Haviland and Greensburg just off of Highway 54/400, it houses the largest display of Brenham, KS meteorites in the world.  Educational material about meteorites and meteorites from around the world are on display.  The history of the Brenham meteorites and life on the plains of kansas from the late 1800s and early 1900s is also included.
        The Brenham meteorites fell in prehistoric times.   They were recognized by  Native Americans as something quite extraordinary; pieces having been found in the Hopewell Culture burial mounds in the Little Miami Valley, OH nearly 1,000 miles away.  However it was the tireless efforts of pioneer woman Eliza Kimberly that led to them being confirmed by scientists to be meteorites, late in the 1800s.  They were named after the nearest town, which at that time was Brenham.  Since that time, Eliza's "moon rocks" have been sought after and collected.  In 1933, Dr. Harvey Nininger obtained permission to dig at a "buffalo wallow" site on the Kimberly "Meteorite Farm" that he thought was likely a meteorite crater.  The work supported his theory and it is now recognized as one of only three meteorite craters in the U.S. authenticated by the presence of meteorites, and the only one of the three created by a rare, stony-iron meteorite.  The Haviland Crater (Brenham was essentially gone by this time) is the smallest of the three U.S. craters and measured about 36' x 55' and 10' deep.  It was filled in for farming purposes in the 1950s.
        Brenham is a stony-iron, pallasite-type meteorite, a mixture of crystalline metal with imbedded crystallized stone.  The metal appears something like Swiss cheese, with the holes filled with green, yellow, orange and red iron-magnesium silicate crystals.  It is the rarest of the three general types of meteorites (stone, iron and stony-iron).
        The Kansas Meteorite Museum and Nature Center Gift Shop carries unique pieces, polished slices and nuggets and jewelry of the Brenham meteorite.  It also carries wire-wrapped Brenham jewelry made by local artisan Duward Whitney, books about meteorites, as well as petrified wood and other educational products.
        Nature Center plans include trails featuring native flora and fauna.  Photographs of some of the native species in the area are on display.  The Museum and Nature Center are located on land that has been reseeded with endive grasses and forbs, such as buffalo grass, big and little bluestem grass, and others.  It attracts various birds and other creatures, giving them a welcome habitat.  Common birds in the area include the western meadowlark (Kansas state bird), scissor-tailed flycatchers, pheasants, quail, hawks and owls.  It is also home to many interesting amphibians and reptiles ranging from Texas horned lizards and barred tiger salamanders to ornate box turtles, skinks and snakes.  Common mammals include porcupines, possum, skunk, raccoons, coyotes, bobcats and deer.  Sunflowers (Kansas state flower), are abundant, as are coreopsis, ten petals, prickly poppy, Mexican hats, coneflowers, Indian blankets, yucca and various cacti.
        This attraction is owned and operated by meteorite and nature enthusiasts Don Stimpson and Sheila Knepper.   You will find this site off of Highway 54/400 near Haviland.  From Haviland drive west to Avenue 45, turn south (left) drive two miles, turn west (right) drive one-half mile.  From Greensburg drive east to Avenue 43, turn south (right) drive two miles, turn east (left) drive one-half mile.  Location is on the south side of the road.  The roads south of Highway 54/400 are not paved.  They are muddy when wet, so PLEASE USE CAUTION!
        Hours are 1:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. Friday through Sunday or call for an appointment.
                                                                            21255 K St.
                                                                     Haviland, KS 67059
                                                                   Phone:  620-723-2318

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